Bentley Rentals in Marbella

Born out of London, England in 1919, Bentley Motors was founded by W.O. Bentley. Upon its inception, the goal of Bentley Motors was to design a fast car that was the best in its class. Over 100 years later, his dream was surpassed as the Bentley name has become synonymous with superior craftsmanship and exquisite performance.

Bentley’s trademark flying “B” ornament stands for the Bentley name, and the silver wings represent speed. Much time and patience go into crafting every Bentley automobile. For example, it takes about 110 hours to build a Continental GT and 130 to build a Bentayga. Every minute detail has been attended to and you can get a taste of it from our Bentley rentals in Miami.

Visualize yourself driving around Marbella in one of these extravagant vehicles. Renting a Bentley in Marbella is sure to be an experience that you will never forget. Whether you are attracted to its quilted leather seats or its fine wood accouterments, a Bentley will make you fall in love with it. You’ve got smooth roads ahead when you drive a Bentley.


We have a gorgeous collection to choose from for your Bentley rentals in Marbella that are available for a great price.
We offer the Bentley Continental GT Coupe in White, and the Bentley Continental GTC convertible in black, with a roof that folds down in 19 seconds.

Our popular Bentley Bentayga is the fastest and most expensive SUV in the world.


We at Lux Rent Marbella are proud to be the leading high-end luxury and sports car rental service in the Miami area. If you are searching for the most affordable Bentley rentals in Marbella, look no further. CONTACT US today about reserving your Bentley rental or Bentley Continental rental in Marbella.